Tigers split a pair to start the week

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Green Forest led Decatur 2-0 with five minutes remaining in Monday night's first home conference match, but as the Tigers learned, no lead is safe. The Bulldogs scored on a free kick and moments later, Decatur scored a breakaway goal to tie the game at two, taking the match to penalty kicks.

"We put the subs in," Green Forest coach Jonathan Bryant said. "They put the ball in the fast kids' hands and he was one-on-one with the goalie and he made it."

In the penalty kick session, Green Forest's Carlos Lemus, Henry Yac, Huvense Rivas, Edson Merida and Jose Hernandez all made kicks to win the match, 3-2.

Rodrigo Lopez and Hernandez each made goals during regulation.

Carlos Herrarte had 14 steals in the game while Hernandez had 12 and Luis Calderon had 10.

Dardanelle 4, Green Forest 2

Green Forest gave up its first goal of the game 10 seconds into the game. The Tigers gave up three more in the next 30 minutes.

"It is hard to drive three hours and get ready to play a game," Green Forest coach Jonathan Bryant said. "Our mind wasn't right. We finally figured it out, but it was a little late."

Bryant said the Sand Lizards will be one of the better teams the Tigers play all year.

"From what Dardanelle's coaches have been saying, they have been blowing out the competition, and we were able to hang with them," Bryant said. "We had a good game, good ball movement."

Carlos Lemus and Edson Merida each scored goals in the second half. Rafael Rosales had eight saves in the game.

Bryant is proud of the way his team played against such quality competition.

"We controlled a lot of the game," Bryant said. "It was one of those games where a team has more yards rushing than the other, they just got beat on the scoreboard."


Green Forest hosted Lead Hill on Monday, and as a result of Lead Hill not having enough players, the game was modified to a 7-on-7 game in the first half. Green Forest was up 7-0 at halftime. Both teams decided to call the game at halftime and let the second half be played 11-on-11, with a mix of Green Forest and Lead Hill players on each team.

Green Forest lost Tuesday night's game at Dardanelle, 3-1. The Lady Sand Lizards scored their first two goals of the game in the first half and added their third goal minutes into the second half. Yolanda De Los Santos scored Green Forest's one goal with a few minutes left.

"Spring break brought us back a bit," Green Forest coach Ashley Wilson said. "We were one step behind all night, however the effort was there."

Daisy Padilla, a freshman defender, stepped up on defense against Dardanelle, as she had 10 steals.

On Friday, Green Forest travels to Prairie Grove. The action starts at 5 p.m.

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