Foster applauds Carroll County agriculture

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Olivia Foster has been back in Carroll County for a couple of months now, and all is going well.

Foster, the county's new agriculture extension agent, recalled all the new things she's learned since joining the extension office in January. She's walked through pastures and helped a farmer plan for backyard chickens, Foster said.

"I've done a lot lately. We've done a lot of horticulture with trees and we're trying to find out when it's a good time to plant," Foster said.

A Green Forest native, Foster said she's no stranger to the kindness of Carroll County residents. Still, she said, she's enjoyed getting back into the community doing something she loves.

"So far, everyone I've met has been really good-hearted and hard-working. They've all been very open to what the extension office has to say about different practices," Foster said.

Foster pointed out the diversity in the county, saying there's quite a bit going on for such a small community. A big example of this diversity, she noted, is how organic farms coexist with large-scale farms.

"There's really just a few towns and within those towns we have people that are talented in several different areas," Foster said, saying she visited an alpaca farm and a beef cattle farm on the same day.

"Everyone's been willing to work with me," she continued. "It's been really pleasant."

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