Primary results: Gentry, Hunt headed to runoff in sheriff's race

Friday, March 4, 2016

Harrison police officer Jack Gentry Jr. and Oak Grove police chief Jason Hunt will square off in a March 22 runoff for the Republican nomination for Carroll County sheriff.

In unofficial results from Tuesday's preferential primary and non-partisan judicial election, Gentry received 1,317 votes (38.6 percent) while Hunt got 1,152 votes (33.7 percent). Former Carroll County Sheriff's Office lieutenant Mike Zimmerman received 945 votes (27.7 percent).

The winner of the March 22 primary will advance to face incumbent Sheriff Randy Mayfield in the general election on Nov. 8. Mayfield, who is serving his first term, was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

In a non-partisan race for a new district judge's

position covering Carroll and Madison counties, Madison County District Judge Dale Ramsey defeated Carroll County attorney Chris Flanagin.

Ramsey received 2,611 votes in Carroll County, compared with 3,578 votes for Flanagin, but Ramsey won the race with a dominant showing in Madison County. Ramsey received 3,397 votes in Madison County, while Flanagin got 1,140 votes. In total, Ramsey finished with 6,008 votes (56 percent) while Flanagin received 4,718 votes (44 percent).

Incumbent Ron McNair of Alpena held off a challenge by John Arthur Hammerschmidt in the Republican primary for the District 98 seat in the state House of Representatives. McNair, whose district includes portions of Carroll and Boone counties, carried the latter by just 66 votes (1,678 for McNair and 1,612 for Hammerschmidt. In Carroll County, however, McNair received 890 votes (68 percent) compared with 419 votes (32 percent) for Hammerschmidt. Overall, McNair received 2,568 votes (55.9 percent) while Hammerschmidt got 2,028 (44.1 percent).

In the Democratic presidential primary, Bernie Sanders carried Carroll County by a slim margin over Hillary Clinton. Sanders got 1,068 votes (49.8 percent) in the county while Clinton received 1,037 votes (48.4 percent). On the Republican side, Donald Trump received 1,447 votes (37.9 percent) in the county, while Ted Cruz was second with 1,009 votes (26.4 percent). Statewide, however, Clinton was the Democratic winner with more than 66 percent of the vote while Trump was the Republican winner, edging Cruz by a relatively slim margin.

Carroll County election officials announced the results around 5 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, after software glitches delayed the process Tuesday night. Carroll County was the last of Arkansas' 75 counties to submit its results to the state Secretary of State's office.

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