Council waives bidding requirements for MSSE

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Berryville City Council on Tuesday night approved an ordinance waiving competitive bidding for the purchase of equipment and supplies for the new Mid-States Specialty Eggs (MSSE) processing facility on Hailey Road.

The council declared an emergency to pass the ordinance on all three readings in one night. The ordinance states that time constraints involved in the installation of a lift station for the processing facility make it necessary to waive the competitive bidding process. Requiring competitive bidding would be impractical and cause undue hardship to the completion of the facility, the ordinance says.

"The deadline for the Hailey Road egg plant's operational status is approaching," said Jay Lee, administrative assistant to the mayor, "so the council members waived bidding on the lift station's purchase in order to expedite its construction."

Mayor Tim McKinney discussed the tight time frame at the council meeting on Feb. 19. McKinney said the new pumping station is necessary because health department regulations won't allow MSSE to build its sanitary sewer and production sewer in the same place.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the council adopted an ordinance amending to Berryville's 2015 budget. The council declared an emergency on this ordinance as well to allow it to pass on all three readings in a single night.

Some of the amendments to the 2015 budget include revenue of $35,164 in court fees and fines and $65,369 from the sale of lots. Expenditures include $3,000 for city fireworks display expenses and $8,308 in solid waste and recycling expenses, both of which were offset by additional revenue collected.

The council also discussed the city's annual spring cleanup. Lee said changes are likely in the policies and pickup of items. Details on these changes and the dates of the project are still being determined, Lee said.

The council's next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, at City Hall.

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