Floating restroom: A first step toward food service at H.I. Marina

Friday, February 26, 2016

HOLIDAY ISLAND--In November the Corps of Engineers authorized the construction of a floating 14-by-18-foot restroom at the Holiday Island Marina.

Currently the estimated cost is $20,317 but the go-ahead to install the facility still depends on a regulatory permit if there will be any ground disturbance below the ordinary high-water mark, which is at 922.5 above mean sea level at the site. Marina operator Kolin Paulk said during Monday's regular Board of Commissioners meeting that permit would probably arrive sometime in the next week.

The marina has restrooms above the parking lot but Paulk said the 400-foot-plus walk up from the marina is enough to deter many boaters. It is also far enough away from the marina that, in Paulk's opinion, it will make it difficult to obtain a permit to serve food at the marina.

A plan was put into motion that would allow Paulk to receive six months of his salary to begin acquisition of the floating restroom and the necessary equipment to pump waste from it to the district's waste water system. He is willing to risk his money because in his opinion he and the district would benefit because of the increased usage of the marina.

"The risk is there, but with no risk there is no reward," he said.

In other business:

* Commissioner Dan Kees said a new 1.4-mile trail near the Starlight Drive and Stateline Drive was now walkable but he stopped short of recommending that hikers begin using the trail until signage and some steps on the steeper sections were installed.

Kees also said he and other members of the Holiday Island Hikers had discovered running water in what should now be a dry creek bed in the Sunkist Lane area. Kees returned later with a swimming pool chlorine tester and thought he may have detected chlorine in the creek water, suggesting a possibility that the water may be part of the 70 to 80 percent of pumped water that is lost due to leakage in the district. He did not claim it was a reliable or scientific test, but said the water department was being called in for further testing of the stream. Old and faulty meters are also being considered in an ongoing search for the cause of the water loss.

* Golf professional Barry Storie said unseasonably warm weather in January helped in almost all areas of the district's golf operation including $9,816 in sales, almost twice that of the same time last year. He also said the remodeling project on the clubhouse was progressing and is on schedule.

* A first reading was heard of Regulation 26-2016, which affects amenities fees and was approved and made public last year. A second reading was followed by a unanimous vote to approve during a special meeting two days later on Wednesday. The vote was viewed as a housekeeping measure that essentially codified last year's vote--the only change was dropping the greens fees for non-property owners from $34 to $26.

* With the arrival of newly hired District Manager Lawrence Blood Resolution 2016-R1 was passed transferring trusteeship of the HISID Governmental Retirement Plan from interim District Manager Jack Deaton to Blood.

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