BV board promotes Powell

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Owen Powell began working at the Berryville School District 17 years ago as a head football coach. On July 1, he'll be the district's new superintendent.

The Berryville School Board agreed Monday night to hire Powell for the position. Powell will replace Superintendent Phil Clark, who will retire June 31. Powell, who has been the high school principal for the last three years, thanked the board for hiring him. He recalled his journey at Berryville, saying he wants to give back to the school that has given so much to him.

"I came here as the football coach. They gave me an opportunity as the assistant principal and then as the high school principal and now as the superintendent," Powell said. "This school's been good to me."

A Berryville graduate, Powell said he doesn't hope to change too much about how the district runs. One thing he'd like to do, Powell noted, is unite the community.

"I want to invite the entire community to be a partner in Berryville schools. I think the community and the school has to be together," Powell said.

Another improvement he'd like to make, Powell continued, is to communicate better with the school board.

"I think communication is something we can improve on, and I think we will improve," Powell said. "But as far as coming in and making vast changes across the school district ...that's not part of my plan. We have good teachers here. We have good administrators here." Being named superintendent, Powell said, is a huge honor.

"It really means everything to me. I'm extremely excited. I'm very humbled by the opportunity and I think there's great things ahead for Berryville schools," Powell said. "We've got a good school," he continued. "I want to make it great."

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