BV Drug Court honors newest graduates

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Tiffany Doyle and Wilfredo Rangel-Reyes, the latest Berryville Drug Court graduates, pose with a congratulatory cake at their graduation ceremony. They were joined by friends and loved ones and other participants of Drug Court, standing behind them. Pictured from left to right are Carroll County Circuit Judge Scott Jackson, special guest speaker Shawn Fogler, Colleen Mattox with Parole and Probation, Doyle, Reyes and Drug Court officer Stephen Johnson. (Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News)

Tiffany Doyle and Wilfredo Rangel-Reyes are no longer members of Berryville Drug Court.

The two graduated from the program on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Their criminal records were sealed, and they each received tickets to Lokomotion, an amusement center, for their families.

Drug court officer Stephen Johnson congratulated them, saying he wasn't sure if both would be graduating that day.

"During the course of drug court, both of them have been in the highest stage and gotten moved back," Johnson said. "The reality of it is, it can be very hard."

Doyle, he noted, was in drug court for 1,500 days. Johnson said both Doyle and Rangel-Reyes changed throughout the program, describing how angry Rangel-Reyes was at the beginning.

"Wilfredo had anger problems. He hasn't been angry in a long time," Johnson said.

Deputy prosecutor Devon Goodman praised the two for their success. Rangel-Reyes, Goodman said, was pretty subdued compared to Doyle.

"Tiffany has been extremely colorful. Wilfredo, I remember you as the quiet guy. I hope to see you both outside of here," Goodman said.

Rangel-Reyes thanked his family for supporting him throughout drug court. Johnson spoke after Rangel-Reyes sat down, addressing his family members.

"Wilfredo's a quiet, soft-spoken guy. I want to let his family know I can't remember a day he didn't talk about you," Johnson said.

Doyle, too, thanked her family. She credited her success to her faith in God, saying she feels blessed to have the opportunity to be in drug court.

"I give all the thanks to the man upstairs," Doyle said. "They say the tortoise always wins the race, so here I am!"

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