Eureka ready to get back on the court

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Waiting is the most difficult part. This is the case for the Eureka Springs Highlanders, who played their final regular season game last Tuesday and won't play again until Friday at the district tournament in Decatur.

"It's hard, when you are 17 years old to stay sharp, mentally especially," Eureka Springs coach Brian Rambo said. "We played some games that were pretty physical this year. With that, this time might be beneficial for us to fix some bruises and banged up areas. It will be good for us if we can keep that mental edge that we have been working on throughout the last three or four months."

With seven seniors on the team who have been through this before, Rambo feels as if the Highlanders will be able to handle this extended time off just fine.

"We have 10 or 12 pretty competitive guys," Rambo said. "There isn't really any negative thoughts going into it because we are going to get beat by somebody."

Rambo also knows the Highlanders will have an advantage because they will have more rest than whomever they play on Friday.

"Playing late in the week will help us because they will be playing Wednesday and Thursday, but we just have to stay sharp mentally," Rambo said.

Eureka Springs will play either Hackett, Johnson County Westside or Mountainburg. Rambo said the Highlanders will likely face Mountainburg, so Rambo plans on showing his team film of when the two teams met earlier this year.

"The hard part is, you really don't know who you are going to play yet, but we are going to make some assumptions that it will be Mountainburg if things work out right," Rambo said. "We will watch some game film from the last time we played them and try to do some things to get us a win -- attack that zone that they are so good at, get some offensive rebounds, fix some turnover problems that we had and go from there. It's a process."

Eureka Springs swept the season series against Mountainburg.

The Highlanders will play at 5:30 p.m. on Friday in Decatur.

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