GF Quiz Bowl team excited for state tournament

Friday, February 12, 2016

At the Quiz Bowl regional competition earlier this month, Green Forest Junior High School received two honors. The team took second place, and eighth-grader Henry Holtkamp was named the high point player.

The team will compete in the state tournament Saturday, Feb. 20.

Holtkamp, who has been on the team since third grade, said he's excited about the state competition. One thing that motivates him, he noted, is constantly learning.

"I want to see how good some other teams are," Holtkamp said.

Fellow team member Kevin Solorzano pointed out that this is the first time in years the team has moved on to the state tournament. Solorzano said he's more excited about the experience of competing in the state tournament than the prospect of winning.

"The best thing is getting there. You're so hyped," Solorzano said. "You get to your first game and you're so nervous, but after a while you get in a groove."

Losing, Solorzano continued, isn't so bad when you get to compete with your friends.

"It hurts a little bit, but driving home you talk and laugh and it makes it better. I just want to make sure everyone on this team tries the hardest they can," Solorzano said.

Team member Austin Booth agreed.

"If you don't do your best, your'e not part of the team," Booth said.

Going into the state tournament, some team members reported feeling somewhat anxious.

"I'm not a person who gets nervous but I'm really excited for it and that kind of makes me a little jittery when I get too excited about something," Ally Holsted said.

"I'm a little bit nervous," Owen Cisco agreed.

The team has been practicing for the state tournament; saying every team member has his or her own strength, Holtkamp acknowledged that the team is weak in the math computation section.

"I think everyone in this group would tell you math is something we could be better at," Holtkamp said.

Still, he said he's optimistic about the team's chance of winning the state tournament. One reason the team has been successful so far, Holtkamp explained, is each team member's determination to be better.

"I like working with the group and being able to expand my intelligence," Holtkamp said.

Solorzano concurred, describing how Quiz Bowl forces him to learn information he wouldn't have known otherwise.

"I like the fact that I can challenge myself. It's really a way to make myself better," Solorzano said.

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