Officiating could use more consistency

Friday, February 12, 2016

Let me preface this by saying I have no desire to be a basketball official. I have the utmost respect for their job and it is painful to hear some of the things people yell at them from the stands. An official is going to miss a traveling violation every once in awhile. Trying to determine if the defensive player had his feet set in time to draw a charge is the most difficult call to make in all of sports. Many say officiating has gotten worse in professional sports. I disagree. I think the only reason people say it has gotten worse is because of instant replay, Facebook and Twitter.

It is troubling to me however at how much worse officiating has gotten at the high school level this year. Again, calls will be missed from time to time. We see it differently in our seats than they do from the floor. The thing I don't understand is when you have two officials blow their whistle and one calls a jump ball, the other calls a traveling violation. All we need is some consistency. I have seen way to many games get out of hand this year because the officials haven't been consistent enough in calling fouls. If a team shoots 26 free throws in one half, you would expect that trend to continue, as long as they continue their aggressive play. That is, unless the officials begin officiating differently in the second half, which is something I have seen numerous times this season. Again, where is the consistency? Being an official is more difficult than it looks, I can tell from the stands. If you aren't fully invested then I would recommend finding another way to make a little extra cash.

The postseason will soon be starting. Added pressure will be put on players, coaches and officials alike. Just as our area basketball teams hope to be playing their best basketball right now, we can hope the officials will soon be doing their best officiating.

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