GF loses 2 on the road

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Having to play four games in four days is never easy. That is what the Green Forest Tigers are in the process of doing, as they faced the Marshall Bobcats on Tuesday and played Yellville-Summit on Wednesday, both on the road. They traveled to Eureka Springs on Thursday and host Cotter on Friday.

Marshall 65, Green Forest 35

To win a basketball game, you must play four quarters, not three. Green Forest learned this the hard way when Marshall outscored Green Forest 22-4 in the second quarter in Tuesday night's game.

"We just played one really bad quarter," Green Forest coach Brandon Stone said. "We just couldn't score."

Marshall led Green Forest 21-11 at the end of the first, but after outscoring the Tigers by 18 in the second, Marshall took a 43-15 lead going into halftime.

"They are just extremely athletic," Stone said. "They are a hard team to keep up with and defend."

Green Forest was outscored 22-20 in the second half and Stone is proud of the effort the Tigers played with.

"We played a lot harder than what we had been in the past," Stone said. "We got in a good rhythm, we just couldn't score."

Yellville-Summit 65, Green Forest 50

Improvement is what you want to be seeing this time of the year so when a coach says his team recently played its best game of the year, that is promising. That was the case for Green Forest in Wednesday night's game against Yellville-Summit.

"It was the best game we have played by far," Stone said. "They just got hot in the third quarter. They were making threes from NBA range."

Stone said despite the loss, the Tigers are feeling good about themselves moving forward.

"We locked down and got rebounds out there," Stone said. "We were getting good looks and doing what it takes to win on offense."

The Tigers traveled to Eureka Springs on Thursday. Despite the two teams being in the same county, Stone feels no additional pressure going against the Highlanders.

"I just keep telling my team to take the other team out of the equation," Stone said. "We can't worry about the other team right now. We just have to keep playing and focusing on one possession at a time."

The Yellville-Summit Lady Panthers defeated Green Forest, 55-27.

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