Chile Pepper a success for area teams

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Chile Pepper Cross Country Festival was Saturday and all three Carroll County teams competed. Green Forest and Eureka Springs ran in the open division and Berryville ran in the "El Caliente" division, or the varsity race. Individual results are as follows:

El Caliente boys: Lafayette Wildwood High School (La.) won, scoring 48 points. Berryville finished fourth, with 1,189. Reed Brown of Southlake Carroll (Texas) won with a time of 15:06.3. Berryville's Oliver Perez finished 42nd at 16:07.9 and teammate Andrew Galicia finished 232nd at 17:33.8 Elijah Smith of Berryville finished 292nd at 17:54.4 and teammate Carlos Garduno finished 306th at 17:57.7. Berryville's Eduardo Rangel finished 468th at 18:58.9 and teammate Johnathan Wood finished 485th at 19:06.2. Berryville's Brandon Kruzan finished 547th at 19:39.2 and teammate Jacob Johnson finished 570th at 20:01.7.

El Caliente girls: Southlake Carroll (Texas) won with a score of 46 points. Berryville finished 61st at 1,677. Chelsea Drum of Jackson, Mo., won with a time of 17:46.2. Berryville's Bethany Kruzan finkshed 268th at 22:02.3 and teammate Samantha Preston finished 298th at 22:19.3. Nora Waller of Berryville finished 400th at 23:35.6 and teammate Ally Teague finished 479th at 24:59.4. Berryville's Cecilia Flores finished 482nd at 25:13.2 while Berryville's Mary-Kennedy Jackson finished 505th at 26:06.4 and teammate Melanie Beristain finished 528th at 27:34.3.

Open division boys: Conroe Oak Ridge (Texas) won, scoring 77 points. Green Forest finished 20th at 660 and Eureka Springs finished 34th at 937. Patrick Harris of Stillwell, Okla., won with a time of 16:20.8. Eureka Springs' Mathew McClung finished 77th at 18:19.4 and Green Forest's Gabriel Ramos finished 91st at 18:27.2. Wyatt Pavelsek of Eureka Springs finished 113th at 18:40.9 and Green Forest's Patrick Hunter finished 124th at 18:44.5. Carlos Lemus of Green Forest finished 161st at 18:59.3 and teammate Ashley Henley finished 218th at 19:21.9. Dalton Arnold of Eureka Springs finished 219th at 19:22.5 and Jose Mendez of Green Forest finished 255th at 19:35.4. Green Forest's Rodrigo Lopez finished 312th at 19:54.7 and teammate Rafael Rosales finished 317th at 19:56.8. Jeremiah Cline of Eureka Springs finished 359th at 20:12.4 and Enrique Ramos of Green Forest finished 374th at 20:16.7. Green Forest's Jose Lozano finished 390th at 20:23.1 and teammate Rhett Williamson finished 420th at 20:32.8. Vincente Vega of Green Forest finished 421st at 20:33 and teammate David Nelson finished 431st at 20:34.5. Eureka Springs' Brandon Ray finished 492nd at 20:58.8 and Tyler Thomas of Eureka Springs finished 569th at 21:31.3. Eureka Springs' Linzy Wolfinbarger finished 641st at 22:11.5 while Syama Barden of Eureka Springs finished 710th at 23:13.2 and Alex Lazama of Green Forest finished 788th at 25:06.7.

Open division girls: Bentonville won with a score of 44 points. Eureka Springs finished 39th, scoring 1,052 points and Green Forest finished 44th at 1,216. Elizabeth Gillette of Trinity Christian won with a time of 19:09.4. Eureka Springs' Gabi Bloch finished 17th at 20:54.3 and Green Forest's Yolanda De Los Santos finished 237th at 24:49.5. Belinda Pineda of Green Forest finished 293rd at 25:39.2 and Sara Bloch of Eureka Springs finished 348th at 26:40.8. Andrea Lopez of Green Forest finished 363rd at 27:01.7 and Justice Bogue of Eureka Springs finished 364th at 27:01.9. Green Forest's Rubi Perez finished 388th at 27:44.2 and Heidi Kirk of Eureka Springs finished 389th at 27:46.8. Eureka Springs' Rachel Adams finished 395th at 28:00.5 and Esly Lopez of Green Forest finished 442nd at 29:58.8.

Berryville is hosting the Bobcat Back 40 Cross Country Invitational at 9:30 a.m. Saturday.

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