Bobcats, Tigers tee it up in Carroll County Super Bowl

Friday, September 18, 2015

Berryville (2-0) has won its first two games by an average of 25 points a game while Green Forest (0-2) has lost its two games by an average of 27 points a game, so it's a good thing records and scores get thrown out the window when the two teams meet Friday night for the Carroll County Super Bowl.

Heading into the game, one of the things Green Forest coach Bobby Bishop is worried about is how to stop Berryville running back Garrett Record.

"He is a load," Bishop said. "We have been preaching to our kids that we are going to have to tackle low. The kid is a state champion wrestler so you don't want to get up in his chest with him. If we tackle properly, keep him from getting up a head of steam, then that is a win for us."

Berryville coach Austin Winters knows he will have his hands full with the five running backs for Green Forest, too.

"They have good running backs and they all can run," Winters said. "They are all in track. They are fast. We have to do our job correctly, line up in the right spots every time."

Winters expects Green Forest to line up in many different formations and he hopes his defense is prepared for that.

"We are wanting to speed things up this week," Winters said. "We have to be prepared for anything they might throw at us and be able to recognize it."

The defense isn't the only thing speeding up this week.

"We want to get up there, get set," Winters said. "We kind of ran into some problems in the first quarter against West Fork, so just getting out of the huddle, up to the line quickly, that is important."

Bishop has seen his team improve over the last few weeks, but he is still unsure how the Tigers will respond to such a big game.

"It should come natural that the effort is there," Bishop said. "But you never know how kids are going to react. If the kids come out tight and make a couple mistakes early, it could snowball on us, so the key for us is to get a fast start."

For both coaches, this is their first Carroll County Super Bowl as head coaches at their current schools. Bishop participated in the series as a player at Green Forest and a coach at Berryville.

"This will be the first time going back as a head coach," Bishop said. "I was fortunate enough to get to go back the last three years and got to beat the Bobcats and I must admit it was very satisfying to beat them, but I have a lot of love for that town and that school and that community."

Winters was a Berryville assistant for the last three seasons.

"The year before I got here was an 0-10 season and the year I got here, we won that game," Winters said. "It was our first win. I know it's a big game. It's a hard-fought game. That's what we expect and that's what we are preparing for."

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