USC, head coach setting poor example

Friday, August 28, 2015

It appears as though there has been a double standard set at the University of Southern California (USC). This past weekend, USC football coach Steve Sarkisian made a fool of himself by getting drunk and giving a profanity-laden speech in front of his players, boosters and fans at a private event held by USC officials.

For student-athletes who have been found drinking under the age of 21, their punishment would be different than a student-athlete of legal drinking age. It is illegal for them to be drinking, so let's stick with a student-athlete of legal drinking age.

If one of his players had given that profanity-laden speech, Sarkisian would have had that player in his office the following morning to suspend him, or depending upon how prominent the player was, dismiss him from the team. Instead, USC athletic director Pat Haden allowed Sarkisian to issue an apology and go on like nothing happened. Granted, his players made him do up-downs as a form of punishment, but is that really punishment? Some are looking at it as a bonding experience for the team, and it very well could be, for now. But when the Trojans face their first bit of adversity of the season and Sarkisian goes up to quarterback Cody Kessler to criticize him for his on-field play, how much respect will Kessler have for Sarkisian? After all, it was Kessler and his other Trojan teammates who got to punish Sarkisian for his off-field behavior. USC is ranked eighth in the country heading into the season. There hasn't been this high of an expectation at the school since 2012, when the Trojans started the season ranked No. 1 and finished the year 7-6. With the way this year has started, the Trojans could be heading down that path once again.

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