Green Forest officially opens fall practice under Bishop

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Monday marked the first day of fall practice for the Green Forest High School football team, and first-year coach Bobby Bishop said there won't be anything fancy about the Tigers' workouts this week.

"We are using this whole week as a week for teaching and conditioning," Bishop said. "We will keep things real basic, not see a whole lot of action."

The practice lasted about three hours and Bishop was impressed with how well the Tigers were able to maintain their focus.

"I thought they kept their concentration throughout," Bishop said. "And that can be tough when going through such a long practice early on like this."

Bishop said while he likes the energy he sees from his running backs, he must teach them how to carry the ball differently.

"I don't know how they have been taught in the past," Bishop said. "I teach a wrist higher than the elbow technique and like to keep your ball close to the chest. They are used to being lower. It will just take a little time. They are all seniors and have habits to break."

One player Bishop has enjoyed getting to know early on is junior quarterback Cory Bryant.

"Cory has so far been a pleasure to work with," Bishop said. "The biggest thing for Cory is trusting himself and that will come with repetition."

Until school starts, Bishop hopes to concentrate heavily on offense one day and heavily on defense the next.

"I want to try to get the guys in a bit of a routine," Bishop said. "We aren't in school yet, so it makes it difficult."

Green Forest will scrimmage against Prairie Grove at 7 p.m., Thursday Aug. 27 at Tiger Stadium.

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