ES superintendent, administrators excited about school year

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

So far, so good.

Nearly a month into his role as superintendent of the Eureka Springs School District, Bryan Pruitt seems to be getting along well with the school's administrators and staff. Pruitt expressed excitement for the upcoming school year at a reception in his honor on Thursday, July 30.

"I'm excited to work with everybody," Pruitt said. "Everybody's been so nice and so accommodating. They've made me feel at ease in my transition here."

Pruitt was hired as interim superintendent last month after David Kellogg resigned. It wasn't the first time he applied for the job.

Eureka Springs School Board president Jason Morris recalled when Pruitt applied for the open superintendent position a couple of years ago, saying Pruitt was the staff pick.

"This time we picked him, and you couldn't ask for a better superintendent in my opinion," Morris said.

Pruitt, Morris continued, has connected with administrators and teachers because of his student focus. Morris attributed that focus to Pruitt working his way up, teaching agriculture classes for years before being promoted to principal of Bergman High School in 2006.

"He's started at the bottom, so he knows what the teachers need and want. They relate with that really well," Morris said.

Pam McGarrah, the district treasurer, noted that Pruitt has given principals more control over the budget. This, McGarrah said, illustrates Pruitt's leadership.

"He wants principals to be able to make more of the decisions. It's very good," McGarrah said.

Cathy Martinek, administrative assistant to the superintendent, pointed out all the training Pruitt had to undergo as a teacher and administrator in the Bergman School District. Saying Pruitt has the necessary experience to be a superintendent, Martinek noted how well Pruitt interacts with everyone he has met at the district.

"I have a great repertoire with him already. Our treasurer has a great repertoire with him already. He always has an open door for anybody who needs something," Martinek said.

McGarrah, too, described Pruitt's positive attitude.

"He's very laid back," McGarrah said.

Though excited about his introduction to the school district, Pruitt said he's even more excited about starting the school year. He said he's anticipating athletic events, extracurricular activities and seeing how students grow throughout the school year.

"I'm excited to see how our kids will come in and learn and progress," Pruitt said.

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