Local teams show improvement during scrimmage

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Repetitions are key to improvement in any sport, including high school football. Both the Berryville Bobcats and the Green Forest Tigers got those repetitions during a scrimmage Thursday night in Berryville.

"This is what we need right now," Berryville coach Austin Winters said. "We just need to get in as many reps as possible."

Green Forest coach Bobby Bishop added that since Thursday night was the first time he was able to see his team in pads, he didn't know what to expect. He said he was proud of the effort his players showed.

"They flew around and made some big plays out there," Bishop said. "When they make big plays that gets me energized so I was glad to see it."

Winters and the Bobcats are going to a two-day camp to Branson this Wednesday and Thursday. He said they must continue to work on the little things.

"We have definitely shown some promise out here over the last few weeks," Winters said. "But we have to know our blocking assignments and play as a unit on defense."

Winters hopes this two-day camp will bring the team closer.

"We will be traveling back and forth both days, but a two-day camp against some of the best teams in Missouri won't be easy," Winters said. "It should be a learning experience for a lot of these guys."

Bishop said he is taking the Tigers to a camp in Harrison this week, where there is a turf field. With the temperatures being so warm, he hopes his team is able to adjust.

"I have had a lot of my guys coming in during the offseason, working hard in preparation for the season," Bishop said. "Heat is part of football and you just have to block it out. We will certainly keep an eye on our guys, but heat is largely mental."

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