BV council approves raise for city employees

Friday, June 19, 2015

Several of Berryville's city employees will receive a pay raise beginning in July.

The Berryville City Council approved step raises for 20 city employees Tuesday night. These employees are: Cody Boren, Donna Braziel, Taylor Champlin, Amy Clark, Daniel Crawford, Caleb Culhane, Patricia Evans, Margarita Harrison, Mary Horstman, Kevin Lofgren, Patrick Patterson, Molly Phillips, Bob Schul, Susette Sigmon, Brent Smith, Carla Stricklin, Tina Ward, Eve Warren, Zed Watson and Dan Wilson.

Jay Lee, administrative assistant in City Hall, noted that employees with less than six months on the job must wait until their six-month employment anniversary date to receive their step raises. These employees are Braziel, Lofgren and Phillips.

Mayor Tim McKinney explained that step raises are given out each year depending on employee evaluations. If an employee receives a satisfactory

evaluation from his or her supervisor, McKinney said, he or she will receive a pay raise.

He added that all city employees are on a seven-step pay scale.

The council approved a $254,400 bid from Greer Excavating Inc. to build a new parks and recreation maintenance building near the soccer fields on Academy Road. The council's approval is contingent on the company receiving a favorable evaluation from a city-contracted architect.

McKinney said the state government will put $90,000 toward the project but said the building will cost a little more than initially expected because of public restrooms being added to the building.

"It'll serve the parks department for many years, and it'll be a nice little building. It's something we've needed for a while," McKinney said.

The council approved changing Adams Street to a one-way street from east to west following citizen comments. Vol Brashears Jr. explained that Adams street was his grandfather's driveway in the 1930s and is only 12 feet wide.

Because of the street's narrow width, Brashears said, it is impossible for two cars to drive on it simultaneously in opposite directions. He said this has led to people driving on his property and damaging it.

"They even drove up four feet and took out the gas meter at one time. It's sort of a problem," Brashears said.

McKinney presented the financial report for May, saying the general fund's balance was $110,509.43. The street fund balance was $272,320.33, with the water fund at $223,866.83 and the sewer fund at $11,384.92.

The council's next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 7 at City Hall.

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