Berryville cheerleaders win big at UALR camp

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Berryville cheer team recently competed at a four-day cheer camp at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and came away champions.

First year cheer coach Ciera Woodruff said she was very proud of the way her team performed.

"We received a trophy for most improved team and we had six cheerleaders nominated for All-American," Woodruff said. "Then we had one chosen as an All-American cheerleader."

Mary-Kennedy Jackson won the All-American honor while Rachel Fancher, Lauren Girkin, Kayleigh Gardner, Kynzie Stogsdill and Taylor Edmondson were all nominated as All-Americans. As a result of Jackson being named an All-American cheerleader, she will be able to participate at special events throughout the coming year.

"Around Christmas time there is one in Orlando she can go perform in and around that same time there is also one in London," Woodruff said.

As a result of the cheer team winning the most improved award, it also has a chance to compete nationally.

"There is a competition in Dallas in January and they offered us a chance to go and compete for different things, and it would be great if we could raise funds to go do that," Woodruff said.

Woodruff has been around cheerleading her entire life, but has only coached for one year. Therefore, she said this last year has been a complete surprise for her.

"Being my first year, I am not sure how they did last year, but the vast improvements we have made as a team just from March to now is incredible," Woodruff said. "I couldn't be prouder."

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