Top sports trophy? It's Lord Stanley's Cup

Friday, June 19, 2015

While watching the Super Bowl champions hold the Vince Lombardi Trophy high in the air is cool and seeing the NBA champs celebrate with the Larry O' Brien Trophy is OK, nothing beats seeing the Stanley Cup Champions skate around the rink with Lord Stanley's Cup.

For those of you who don't know, the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in six games to win the Stanley Cup. It has been handed out 96 times and it is the most revered and respected trophy in all of sports. Every team member who has ever won the Cup has their name engraved on the trophy, which weighs a staggering 35 pounds. Unlike other trophies, however, Big Brother is always watching over it.

Since the trophy's inception, there have always been two "trustees" who go wherever the Cup goes. The championship team is allotted 100 days during the off-season to pass around the Cup as it sees fit, but it is still accompanied by at least one member from the Hockey Hall of Fame at all times.

In 1994, the New York Rangers took it one step further. They made sure that all team members were allowed to spend a day with the Cup. Cup winners have used it to baptize their children, slept with it and even allowed their dogs to eat from it.

It is almost as if Lord Stanley's Cup is bigger than the game itself. Heck, maybe it is, but watching hockey players attempt to gain possession of the Cup, if only for a day, is what makes the sport great.


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