Entrants of all ages run for ice cream

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Berryville Ice Cream Social 5K and one-mile fun walk took place Saturday, June 13, in downtown Berryville. Oliver Perez won the male division with a time of 18:14 and Trista Killingsworth won the female division at 21:35. There were more than 300 entrants. Here are the top three individual finishers for each age division in the 5K race:

Boys 11 and under: Malachi Houghton won in 27:28 while his brother Noah finished second in 29:49 and Alex McClellan finished third in 34:16.

Boys 11-14: Oakley Griffin won in 21:44 while Brandon Scrivner finished second in 22:11 and Mauel Tellez finished third in 22:42.

Boys 15-19: Oliver Perez won in 18:14 while Andrew Galicia finished second in 18:15 and Elijah Smith finished third in 19:11.

Men 20-29: Micah Jones won in 22:34 while Garrett Smelley finished second in 26:24 and Tyler Ashworth came in third in 26:26.

Men 30-39: Michael Straley won in 20:26 while Bradley James came in second in 21:56 and Kolby Casey finished third in 22:37.

Men 40-49: Jose Perez won in 20:28 while Lee Easley finished second in 23:50 and John McClellan came in third in 24:04.

Men 50-59: Cliff Krumweide won in 20:09 while Greg Taylor finished second in 22:26 and Kenny Lee came in third in 26:41.

Men 60-69: Alan Hunnicutt won in 21:48 while Roger Filizetti came in second in 28:44 and Librado Ramirez finished third in 30:24.

Girls 11 and under: Mia Thurman won in 35:48 while Carley Ward finished second in 41:08 and Kynadee Hopper came in third in 42:07.

Girls 11-14: Cecilia Doss won in 24:34 while Hannah Stewart finished second in 25:52 and Mary-Kennedy Jackson came in third in 27:22.

Girls 15-19: Brooke Waller won in 22:57 while Jennifer Newberry came in second in 24:31 and Hannah Smith finished third in 24:45.

Women 20-29: Maranda Murr won in 21:52 while Danyaile Willing finished second in 25:43 and Alejandra Renteria came in third in 29:34.

Women 30-39: Trista Killingsworth won in 21:35 while Sharla Mathis finished second in 21:57 and Eryn Killingsworth came in third in 23:17.

Women 40-49: Shannon Compton won in 23:16 while Julie Swofford finished second in 24:18 and Melissa Doss came in third in 25:08.

Women 50-59: Denise Krumweide won in 32:20 while Jerrie Joubert finished second in 42:06 and Susette Sigmon came in third in 48:55.

Women 60-69: Karon Compton won in 44:10 while Brenda Bennett came in second in 47:01 and Emma "Jean" Vance finished second in 47:40.

Here are the top three individual results from the one mile fun walk:

Male: Tyler Payne won in 10:56 while Kyle Bennett came in second in 10:57 and Kyle Ball finished third in 11:07.

Female: Megan Kirk won in 11:05 while Anita Spearman finished second in 11:06 and Alexa Guillory came in third in 11:40.

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