Williams is 'Top Gun' in CCSO range qualification

Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Carroll County Sheriff's Office Corp. Jerry Williams receives a trophy from Sheriff Randy Mayfield after winning the top prize in the CCSO's range qualification. (Photo courtesy Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

Carroll County Sheriff's Office Corp. Jerry Williams can shoot with the best of them.

After the 2015 range qualification at the Carroll County Sheriff's Office, Williams won the top prize. The 50-round course, Chief Deputy Maj. George Frye explained, is mandated by the state of Arkansas to certify that officials carrying firearms are equipped to do so.

Graded on a 500-point scale, the qualification is required for all deputies who carry firearms. Frye said this includes full-time deputies, reserve deputies and special deputies who do transports.

"All our officers, including our sheriff, qualified," Frye said.

He explained what it means to qualify, saying, "To qualify means you've shot an acceptable score of 80 percent or better. It's a standard required course of fire for everyone who carries a firearm."

According to a press release from the sheriff's office, deputies must qualify with the weapon they carry on-duty, off-duty or as a backup.

"Officers carry firearms, and the public needs to be confident they can use them," Frye continued, noting the usefulness of range qualification.

Williams said this is the first year Carroll County has qualified, noting that he didn't expect it to happen initially.

"None of us knew it was going to happen this year. We all got surprised with it," he said.

After everyone qualified, Williams said, he tied with Lt. John Contreras with a score of 491, which is 98.2 percent proficiency. He said a shoot-off determined who was "Top Gun," a title that included bragging rights and a trophy.

"I'm very honored by it," Williams said.

He believes that range qualification will bring the sheriff's office closer together and improve the skills of deputies.

"I think it's going to build a lot of team camaraderie. Everyone will try to build their scores up for next year," he said.

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