Berryville council designates district clerk to oversee collection of fines

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Berryville City Council approved an ordinance designating the district court clerk as the official responsible for the collection of all fines assessed in district court at its meeting Tuesday night.

Approved on three readings, with the second and third by title only, the ordinance was recommended by the Arkansas Municipal League. Jay Lee, administrative assistant to City Hall, explained that the administrative office of the courts recently received a request for this information.

"That's why the Municipal League is recommending that all cities in Arkansas designate somebody with fiscal responsibility," Lee said.

Mayor Tim McKinney added that the ordinance is simply a bookkeeping issue, saying the city needs to have it approved and submitted to the league by April 14. McKinney also discussed the water rate increase, telling the council that official discussion on the matter would take place at a meeting in the near future.

"Hopefully, at our next meeting we'll have the recommendations ready to go and get started on the actual ordinance," he said, adding that the city is looking at two options for the increase.

One of the choices, he said, is a substantial rate increase, with the other being two "pretty good-sized" rate increases.

Jeff Hatley, mobility manager and public information officer for the Ozark Regional Transit Authority, presented a report to the council. Hatley said that, while the transit authority gave the most rides in its history last year, Berryville's rides have been down slightly.

"In Berryville, we've had 403 rides in 2015 and that doesn't compare well to 2014," he said, noting that there were 571 rides in Berryville last year at this time. "We're not on our A game this year."

Hatley said he will be working with local clubs in coming months to inform more members of the community about the services offered by Ozark Regional Transit Authority.

Alderman Cindy George praised the work of the transit authority.

"It's a good method for somebody older that's staying home and not able to drive anymore," George said.

The council also approved a couple of street light requests on the Henry Adams subdivision and issued a proclamation in support of Mental Health Awareness Month and National Historic Preservation & Arkansas Heritage Month.

Police Chief David Muniz presented the department's monthly report, saying offenses are down from last year.

The council's next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 21, at City Hall.

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