Floods damage businesses in Eureka Springs

Friday, March 27, 2015

Businesses in Eureka Springs were damaged by flooding after Wednesday's storm, and emergency personnel responded to several incidents.

Randy Ates, chief of the Eureka Springs Fire and EMS Department, said that around 9 p.m. Wednesday, emergency workers rescued a man and woman from a car that was submerged in floodwaters off of Mill Hollow Road.

The fire department also responded to several gas leaks and electrical short-circuit calls, a fire alarm, people trapped by rising water, and other emergency calls, according to Ates.

Several volunteers worked Thursday to clean up damage and debris at the Art Colony in Eureka Springs. Every ground-level building was flooded and volunteers worked to clean up the storm damage on North Main and in the colony's central area.

The storm did not cause any damage to City Hall but did flood the bathrooms at The Auditorium, according to Eureka Springs Mayor Butch Berry.

"We are very blessed the storm came quickly," Berry said. "There was a lot of street flooding downtown but the water wasn't able to get into the drains because it wasn't a long rain." Berry said the drainage ditch at Mill Hollow Road started to flood.

Joanna Hanna, the owner of Crescent Moon Beads and Jewelry on Spring Street, said that water seeped into her shop through the front door and she spent the morning cleaning it up. By afternoon, her shop was dry and bustling with patrons.

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