Then and Now: Feb. 17, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
The label on the back of this print reads "Womanless Wedding" and the event was most likely held in the movie theater behind. If the movie poster, in the background at right, is current then the year was 1936. A portion of the John Wayne film poster reads "KI?? OF ??? P???". Diligent research by CCN photographer David Bell revealed that the legendary film star made "King of the Pecos" in 1936, which fits the limited information on the poster. Car fans could probably narrow it down by analyzing the portion of the automobile seen at the right. There's at least one person in this photo still alive today. Check the Weekend edition of the Carroll County News to see which person is still around, and see where on the Berryville Square this "bridal portrait" was taken and what the location looks like today.

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