'Big Dogs' needed for shelter project

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Attention Big Dogs (You know who you are)! Brashears Furniture and Arvest Bank are challenging local businesses and individuals to sit up and be counted as Big Dogs by supporting Good Shepherd Humane Society's takeover of the Berryville Animal Control facility. Good Shepherd is in the final days of its campaign to raise money to fund this major expansion and operate the facility as a no-kill rescue.

Brashears and Arvest have each donated $500 to the cause and are also offering to match the next two $500 donations from local businesses or individuals. All local Big Dogs are invited to join the challenge by making matching tax-deducible contributions.

In cooperation with the City of Berryville, Good Shepherd wants to expand its mission by continuing the no-kill policy and out-of-state adoption program of Go East, Young Dog. GEYD has operated the animal control facility the past three years and spay/neutered and adopted 600 dogs, most from the Berryville community. GEYD is ceasing operations this week.

New funding and ongoing community support are required to sustain Good Shepherd's major new commitment. Big Dogs recognize the important contribution such organizations make to quality of life and the community's reputation. By humanely dealing with our pet overpopulation problem, they make our neighborhoods safer and more pleasant, and the innocent lives they save bring untold joy to thousands of adoptive families.

And yes, Big Dogs, there is a bone here. Those who meet the challenge will be publicly recognized for their humanity, civic-mindedness and all-round Big-Doggedness in a full-page newspaper spread courtesy of Carroll County News. They also get a tax deduction and belly rubs or head pats on request.

To join the Big Dogs, call Doug or Susan Brashears at 870-423-4433 to make a pledge, and do it by Groundhog Day if you want the bone. Smaller donors (yes, you are needed and appreciated, too) please send checks to Good Shepherd Humane Society, PO Box 285, Eureka Springs AR 72632, or drop them by one of the Doggie Thrift Stores.

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