GF left searching for first conference win

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

GREEN FOREST--The last time Green Forest faced Yellville-Summit, the Panthers took a big lead and the Tigers never really had a chance to win. On Tuesday, the Tigers suffered a more gradual -- but still painful -- loss.

Yellville-Summit led by five points at halftime, by nine after three quarters and by 13 at the end of a 57-44 victory at the Fred Grimm Gym.

"You know that first time they got out to a 20 point lead a couple times and we had to scratch and claw our way to get back in it," Green Forest Basketball Coach Brandon Stone said. "This time it usually stayed around that eight or nine point margin."

Yellville-Summit led 18-13 at the end of the first quarter as both teams shot well to open the game. Defensive adjustments on both sides slowed down the scoring in the second quarter, but the Panthers opened a 27-18 halftime lead.

"They just continued bringing people in off the bench," Stone said. "It was hard for us to match up against that."

The Green Forest offense never was able to heat up enough in the second half to make a run.

"They gradually widened the score on us," Stone said. "We could never reel them in."

With the Panthers ahead 11 going into the fourth quarter, the Tigers made a quick 6-2 run to start the quarter, but that was put to an end when the Panthers went on a 9-4 run of their own over a span of 3:33. That ended any hope of a Green Forest comeback.

"I mean, they are bigger than us and just as athletic as us, so for us to hang in there with them like that, I am proud of my boys," Stone said.

Brandon Hogan led the Tigers in scoring with 22 points. Caleb Lucas added nine. Tristian Snyder, Hastin Writer and Gavin Nelson each had three. Cory Bryant and Rhett Williamson added two points apiece.

Green Forest (2-14, 0-8 3A-1) will travel to Mountain View on Friday. The last time these two teams met, the game went into double overtime.


Yellville-Summit 66, Green Forest 44

GREEN FOREST--The score disparity is a little bit lopsided, but so is the foul disparity. The Lady Panthers shot 25 free throws in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night's game. The Lady Tigers shot 26 in the game.

Green Forest Coach Kyle Farrer will be the first to say that wasn't the reason they lost the game, though.

"One problem we are trying to fix, and some nights we do a better job of fixing it than other nights, is turnovers," Farrer said. "And last night, we probably had close to 30. That is what caused us to get beat."

Another thing Farrer points out that contributed to the loss was the Lady Panthers' ability to make their free throws down the stretch. They were 20-for-25 in the fourth quarter. Green Forest was 13-for-26 for the game.

"When we were getting our opportunities, we were only making one out of two, and they were making two out of two," Farrer said.

The Lady Tigers got off to a slow start, trailing 16-6 at the end of the first quarter and having trouble getting anything going offensively. In the second quarter, the Lady Tigers were able to settle in offensively and begin making a run at the Lady Panthers, cutting the lead to 29-20 at halftime.

"You know, you could tell some really good stuff was happening out there," Farrer said. "It's just one of those things where we need to cut down on the turnovers."

During the third quarter, Green Forest was unable to adjust to some subtle changes that the Lady Panthers made defensively. Green Forest scored just seven points in the quarter as Yellville-Summit extended its lead to 12. Green Forest was unable to make up any ground in the fourth quarter.

Payton Watson led the Lady Tigers with 11 points. Katie Byers scored eight points and Michelle Perez added six. Kelby Harness and Kenna Harp each scored five and Olivia Larimer added four. Payton Youngblood scored three and Leksi Bailey added two.

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