Oak Grove Fire Department gets thermal imaging camera

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Oak Grove City Council recently approved the purchase of a thermal imaging camera for the city's fire department.

According to a press release from the fire department, the camera can be used for several tasks:

* Search and rescue for victims inside a structure fire. The camera will allow crews to scan rooms inside a structure that are smoke-filled within seconds.

* Locating fire and hidden fire. As visibility inside a structure fire can be at zero at times firefighters can use the thermal imaging camera to find the fire within the structure. This will also help finding hot spots after the main part of the fire has been extinguished. If the fire is inside a wall or ceiling the thermal imaging camera will detect the fire that is hidden. This will limit the damage firefighters have to do to the structure to locate the hidden fire.

* Outdoor search and rescue. As crews get called for a missing person outside they can use the thermal imaging camera to help detect body heat of the missing person missing. This also will help locate missing people that may be in water. Crews often receive calls for rollover accidents in the middle of the night; with the thermal imaging camera they will be able to scan the area for possible victims that may have been ejected.

"The Oak Grove Fire Department would like to thank the city council members for allowing this purchase and all the support of the community," the fire department said in its press release.

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