Harding Academy offense to much for Green Forest

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Green Forest Tigers have limped into the Class 4A state football playoffs with four consecutive losses, but now everyone is back on equal footing.

Green Forest (3-7) will take on Harding Academy (8-2) at 7 p.m. Friday night in Searcy.

Green Forest Coach Jay Martin said the Wildcats will have have one of the most explosive offenses the Tigers will see all year.

"After sitting there and watching their schemes, it is overall one of the best in terms of looking like a college scheme with their zone blocking and they are a true Spread team," Martin said.

Defensively, the Wildcats will line up in a variety of formations. Martin said they like to blitz a lot and are very effective at it.

"They find that they are sound defensively when the matchup is on the pass coverage," Martin said. "They feel like they have extra guys and so they bring them."

Game-time temperature is expected to be around 30 degrees. That weather isn't the most ideal for a pass-happy offense like Harding Academy, but Martin said regardless of the weather, the Wildcats should be OK offensively.

"Their running game is so sound, if they can't throw the football, it's not going to freak them out any," Martin said.

Martin said the Tigers will continue to do what has worked for them all season and that is running the football. He is, however, putting a little bit more pressure on sophomore quarterback Cory Bryant this week.

"We are going to get him to do a little more reading of the linebackers," Martin said. "We are going to add a few other wrinkles that we are already doing and just mix those together and give him the freedom to read stuff. It's really about developing him."

Martin knows this hasn't been the best year for the Tigers, but he said it is a privilege to be in the playoffs.

"We understand things haven't been perfect, but these kids still found a way to get in the playoffs," Martin said. "There are a lot of teams that didn't make the playoffs, and if you're not in them, then you're not going to be playing for a state title."

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