Perez, Berryville win district meet

Friday, October 31, 2014

Oliver Perez took home another first-place trophy Monday at the district cross country meet in Shiloh Christian with a time of 17:07. He was part of a boys varsity team that finished first overall, followed by Shiloh Christian, Huntsville, Gentry and Pea Ridge. Andrew Galicia of Berryville finished third in 18:37.4. Elijah Smith placed seventh in 19:15.9. Jonathan Wood came in eighth in 19:26.1. Brayn Maldonado came in ninth in 19:28.2. Dylan Holman came in 16th in 20:21.6. Jacob Johnson placed 19th in 21:01.1. Mario Diaz came in 31st in 23:14.5 and Jamos Warren placed 34th in 23:50.5.

"Five of the 10 all-conference spots were filled by Berryville," Coach Andrew Killingsworth said of the team's performance. "They ran so well, they could've won without Oliver."

The Berryville girls varsity team finished in second place behind Shiloh Christian. Pea Ridge was third, followed by Huntsville. Samantha Preston of Berryville finished fourth overall in 22:48.6. Kayla Gonzalez finished seventh in 24:37. Alli Depew finished eighth in 24:43.2, and Misty Rhymer finished ninth in 25:03.2. Nora Waller came in 14th at 26:06.3. Ashleigh McCullough came in 17th in 27:35.3.

Berryville placed second in the boys junior high division, behind Pea Ridge. Prairie Grove placed third, in front of Shiloh Christian and Gentry. Eduardo Rangel of Berryville placed second in 11:59.6. Tyler Stephenson came in fifth in 12:43.1. Hunter Depew finished 15th in 13:45.6. Grant Lee came in 16th in 14:16.1. Austin Franklin finished 17th in 14:25.1. Robert Marts came in 18th in 14:29.7. Trenton Hutchison finished 31st in 16:57 and Jonathan McCullough finished 32nd in 17:17:7. The girls also finished second behind Pea Ridge. Shiloh Christian was third. Cecilia Doss led Berryville with a fifth-place finish and a time of 14:32.3. Hannah Stewart finished 10th in 15:18.4. Alexis Steele finished 15th in 16:05.6 and Mary Kennedy Jackson finished a spot behind her in 16:06.6. Claira Watson placed 18th for Berryville in 17:12.1.

Green Forest

Green Forest didn't compete in a district meet, but did compete in a meet in Rogers on Tuesday to get their legs ready for next Saturday's state meet in Hot Springs. De Queen won the boys championship, followed by Green Forest. Gavin Nelson of Green Forest finished seventh for the Tigers in 18:21.1. Gabriel Ramos finished 11th in 18:32.6. Brandon Hogan finished 12th in 18:35.5. Rhett Williamson placed 13th in 18:37 and Caleb Lucas came in 14th in 18:37.4. Jacob Thompson finished 16th in 18:48.1. David Nelson came in 29th in 19:41.1. Jose Lozano came in 31st in 19:44.1. Rafeal Rosalos finished 34th in 19:50.6. Dustin McCreary came in 42nd in 20:31.1. Rodrigo Lopez finished 46th in 20:44. Enrique Ramos came in 48th in 20:53.3. Eduardo Maravillas finished 53rd in 21:26. Luis Calderon came in 56th in 22:30.3 and Dalton Combs finished 59th in 25:41.6.

The girls finished in third place, as De Queen won that race as well. Magali Rivera came in 10th in 24:36.5. Jenifer Newberry finished 15th in 25:40. Audrey Dickenson came in 16th in 25:41. Francella Villenueva was 17th in 25:42.4. Lariana Cenobio came in 23rd in 26:19.7. Andrea Lopez finished a spot behind her in 26:25.8. Yolanda De Los Santos finished 25th in 26:26.7. Brook Wilson came in 32nd with a time of 29:00.5. Frida Lopez came in 33rd in 29:16.8. Esly Lopez came in 34th in 30:38.2 and Kaleigh Snyder finished a spot behind her in 31:04.3.

Next Saturday is the state meet in Hot Springs and Coach Bradley James said while he will continue to push his runners, he wants them rested heading into the day of the race.

"We will have a couple of hard days at the beginning of next week, but then we will tone things down to make sure their legs are underneath them on Saturday," James said.

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