Berryville mayor delivers baby daughter on roadside

Friday, August 8, 2014
Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney's daughter Faith holds her newborn sister, Hannah Abigail. McKinney delivered Hannah on the roadside near Huntsville on Monday. (Submitted photo)

Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney and his wife, Grace, welcomed a new daughter into the world Monday -- and not quite the way they were "expecting."

The mayor and his wife left Berryville at 4:30 a.m. Monday, en route to a hospital in Fayetteville. But baby Hannah Abigail couldn't wait that long, prompting McKinney to stop the car near Huntsville and deliver the baby girl on the side of the road.

"I had the easy part," McKinney said. "My wife is the hero."

McKinney timed Grace's contractions as she pushed, waiting for emergency medical technicians to arrive to help with the birth. By the time the Madison County Sheriff's Department and EMTs arrived on the scene, Hannah had been born. Madison County Deputy James Todd was the first to arrive. He checked on the baby and found child and mother to be well. From there, the family traveled to a hospital to further assess the health of Grace and her newborn.

McKinney praised the Madison County Sheriff's Department and EMTs, saying they were "very professional." He also thanked a higher power, citing "God's grace" for stabilizing the situation.

"I think God delivered [Hannah]," McKinney said. "I was just there to catch her."

Hannah Abigail is McKinney's fifth child and his first child with Grace. Ironically, his oldest son delivered his fifth child in March in the parking lot of a hospital, making unorthodox deliveries a family affair.

McKinney and his wife brought Hannah home from the hospital Wednesday, and both are healthy.

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