Berryville council schedules hearing on request to vacate street

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Berryville City Council will hold a public hearing at its Aug. 19 meeting on a proposal to vacate a portion of Miller Street. The council voted 4-0 Monday to accept a petition seeking the vacation.

The petition was presented by Jeff Crockett, owner of the Williams Shopping Center. Crockett is asking the city to vacate the undeveloped portion of Miller Street between Eureka Avenue (Highway 62) and West College Avenue.

That portion of the street runs through the shopping center, and Williams said it creates a safety hazard.

"When you come out on Highway 62, there are retaining walls and you can't see traffic coming," Crockett explained. "The people in Berryville are taking their lives in their own hands on this street."

The council also heard Monday from Jeff Hatley, a representative of the Ozark Regional Transit Authority. Hatley reported a 23 percent increase in paratransit use in Berryville. He also accepted a suggestion from the council that he produce a public service announcement informing senior residents of available paratransit services.

During the citizens' comments portion of the meeting, one citizen complained about grass growing on the sidewalks. Another asked if it is legal to burn trash within the city limits, The council informed her that it is not and that she should call the city the next time her neighbors do so.

Mayor Tim McKinney was absent from Monday's meeting after his wife gave birth to a baby girl Monday afternoon.

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