Opera in the Ozarks season complete

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
The relatives of the late Buoso Donati are distraught at learning they have been left out of their formerly beloved relative's will.

The 2014 Opera in the Ozarks season is now in the history books. Final figures on attendance have yet to be calculated but are expected to be on par with previous years. Forty-eight singers and more than 25 orchestra members from across the U.S., along with dozens of artistic and support staff, produced four opera and one traveling opera show for the eight-week season. In four short weeks of rehearsal opera parts, music and staging were memorized -- three in Italian and one in English. The summer workshop offers the best collegiate talent in the country the opportunity to participate in an intensive period of training under the tutelage of excellent professionals and teachers from several major universities. They have the chance to participate in one of the top 10 opera workshops in the nation. Many of the names you hear at Opera in the Ozarks today will be the names you hear at major opera companies in the future.

Despina, a maid serving two sisters, is in on the joke perpetuated by Don Alfonso in Mozart's Cosi fan tutte.
In the collection of fractured fairytale Cinderella and Red Riding Hood discover that getting what you want doesn't always end up in living happily ever after.
In Mozart's Cosi fan tutte love is put to the test when Dorabella's boyfriend feigns shipping out.
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The formerly ugly but now beautiful Wicked Witch decides to end it all by swallowing one of Jack's magic beans in Sondheim's Into the Woods.
"She went this way, sire," the Page tells Prince Charming in Sondheim's Into the Woods.
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