Green Forest bank unveils new name

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Steve Stafford, president and CEO of First National Bank of Green Forest, and Bob Moore, publisher of Carroll County Newspapers, look over a scrapbook of the bank's history. On Monday, FNBGF announced that it will changed its name to Anstaff Bank. (David Bell/Carroll County News(

First National Bank of Green Forest has a new name with a long history,

On Monday, the bank announced that it will rebrand and change its name to Anstaff Bank. Customers can expect to see new signage and rebranding at the end of July when the bank unveils a new logo.

In a press release, the bank said the change will affect only the name of the bank.

"The ownership, management and staff of the bank will remain the same and customers will not be affected," the press release said. "Customers will continue to use their FNBGF checks, debit cards and other FNBGF branded bank forms until they receive new rebranded items, and customer accounts will remain the same.

Steve Stafford, the bank's president and chief executive officer, said the decision to change the bank's name was made to better position it for growth and to serve a broader base of customers.

"Our name and logo have served us well for 83 years," Stafford said in the press release, "and today we are proudly rebranding ourselves for the future. We believe our new name, Anstaff Bank, best represents who we are, who we have been and who we will be."

Stafford said the name Anstaff Bank was chosen because it represents two of the families that organized the bank in the early 1900s -- the Anderson and Stafford families, both of which continue to be involved in the bank's management today.

"As we considered names we wanted a name that reflected our long and rich history as a community bank in Arkansas, and also allowed us to look to the future and opportunities for growth. We chose the name Anstaff because it accomplishes both -- it ties us to our past, and positions us for opportunities in the future."

Starting from a single location on the square in Green Forest, FNBGF has grown to nine locations in Carroll. Boone, Madison and Newton counties and serves customers throughout Northwest Arkansas and southern Missouri. As of June 30, the bank's total assets exceeded $400 million.

During an interview, Stafford acknowledged that the bank plans further expansion, although he didn't discuss specific details.

"We're looking for opportunities and we're positioning ourselves so that when the opportunity comes up, we'll be able to move on it," he sad.

Stability has been a benchmark for FNBGF. Since 1942, the bank has had just two presidents -- Ray Anderson and Stafford. Stafford is a great-nephew of Anderson, who was affectionately called "Uncle Ray" by people who knew him.

That heritage was a major factor in deciding on the name Anstaff Bank.

"We chose this name because it was difficult to change our name and we didn't want to just pick a name," Stafford said in the interview. "We wanted something that had some meaning to us. ... It kind of ties us to our past and to the people who went before us. ... It's the legacy of those people who helped lay the foundation of the success that the bank has today."

Now, the bank seems poised for even more success.

"The new name puts us in better position for the future," Stafford said. "We're not just the little bank on the square in Green Forest anymore."

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