BUG Awards

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Photos submitted

The third-grade BUG Award winners are Felcity McMillan, Brianna Alvarado, Jayda Cole, Joah Gilmore, JoJo Yarberry, Olga Benevidas, Cheyenne Higgenbotham, Kensey Robinson and Tanner Evans.

The fourth-grade BUG Award winners are Brookelyn Swofford, Michael Carson, Brandon Pimlot-Leblanc, Damian Helmlinger, Brali Foster, Dayton Lawerence and Graydon Hunt.

The Berryville Kiwanis recently presented BUG Awards to students in grades three through five.

The fifth-grade BUG Award winners are Cheynne Ford, Gaby Mejia, Alexi Woods, Clay McCall, Jarrett Stringer and Jessie Hernandez.
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