Stick of dynamite found at Sunrise Motel

Friday, April 11, 2014 ~ Updated 1:35 PM

BERRYVILLE -- The city shook as its residents jumped in unison after the sound of an explosion echoed off the walls of the Sunrise Motel Thursday evening.

Berryville police, ambulances and the fire department closely followed the Bentonville Bomb Squad to the motel to dispose of a stick of dynamite. It was a controlled detonation, no one was hurt and no property was damaged, said Cpl. Josh Carlson, bomb technician.

The single stick of dynamite was found in the room of Troy Smith, located in the building just northwest of the motel. At the time of the explosion, Smith was being booked into the Boone County jail and charged with a failure to appear. He was arrested and transported earlier that day by Berryville police, said Detective Robert Bartos of the Berryville Police Department, who was at the scene.

Smith also has an outstanding warrant in Carroll County, and the evidence and findings from Thursday evening will be given to Carroll County Prosecuting Attorney Tony Rogers so that additional charges may be filed, Bartos said.

Smith's family had found the dynamite earlier that evening while gathering his belongings from the motel. They moved the explosive outside then finished cleaning the room before calling police, Bartos said.

"We received the call at approximately 5 p.m.," Carlson said. "Upon our arrival, we used our robot to retrieve the suspicious package, and upon further investigation, it appeared that the package contained powder consistent with dynamite and dynamite paper."

Because of the "potential of instability of old dynamite," the bomb squad used their bomb disposal robot to move the explosive to a safer place so that they could use a "counter charge" to detonate the package, meaning they used another bomb to detonate the first bomb, Carlson said.

"In most cases like this one, people need to contact the local police department, and they will contact us and we will get here as soon as we can," Carlson explained. "The only important thing to this story is if anybody finds anything suspicious, please contact the Bentonville Police Department, we will be more than happy to come out and investigate it."

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