Two arrested on charges of possession at church

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 ~ Updated 10:45 AM

GRANDVIEW -- Two men were arrested and charged with possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia in the parking lot of the Grandview Baptist Church on Tuesday, March 25.

That day at around 2:30 p.m., Investigator Joel Hand of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office noticed a brown Cadillac sitting alone in the closed church's parking lot. In the car were Terry McEntire, 28, Harrison, and James Christen, 52, Harrison.

Hand drove on about a mile down the highway and returned to see the car and men still there, he then continued west on to County Road 215. After driving the road and coming back to the highway the two were still there, Hand wrote in his report.

At this point he radioed Deputy Garin Hayner and asked him to come to the church and began to investigate the situation. As he approached the vehicle, he wrote that he could see them moving something, and when he got to the vehicle he noticed a beer in the center cup holder and a spoon with white and blue residue on it.

"During the initial contact, I observed Terry exhibit slow, depressed reflexes. Terry's speech was slow, thick and slurred," Hand stated in his report.

McEntire told Hand they were waiting on a friend, who they did not know the surname of, and Hand asked to see their identification, the report states. The two confirmed their addresses and Hand went to check the driving status of McEntire. He also asked dispatch to check the criminal history for both.

Dispatch then advised Hand that McEntire was driving on a suspended license for driving while intoxicated. He had no outstanding warrants, but he did have a criminal history with charges of possession of a controlled substance, drug paraphernalia and prescription medications without a prescription. Christen as well had no warrants, but a criminal history with charges of possession of a controlled substance.

While checking this Hand wrote that he noticed them moving things around in the vehicle, and after coming back to them, they had moved the spoon with residue on it. He then advised McEntire to step out of the vehicle and that he was under arrest for driving on a suspended license.

When Hayner arrived, he told James to step out of the vehicle and placed him into custody for drinking in public.

During a search of the vehicle, Hand found the spoon and a grinder that had a similar residue on it, as well as an uncapped syringe with a clear substance. McEntire later told Hand that the grinder was a pill grinder and the syringe was filled with water. Grinding pills up and loading them into a water-filled syringe is one method to ingest prescription drugs intravenously, Hand later said in an interview.

The vehicle's inventory also included another spoon, a digital scale and multiple empty syringes. McEntire informed hand that there was no methamphetamine in the vehicle, just some oxycodone that was not his, according to the report.

Hand collected the possessions as evidence, and the two were escorted to the Carroll County Detention Center, where they were booked on charges of possession of a schedule two controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. McEntire was also charged with driving on a suspended license and Christen with drinking on a public highway, according to the Carroll County Intake Press Release.

As of Monday, they had both bonded out of jail.

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