Green Forest cafeteria work costs reviewed

Friday, March 21, 2014

GREEN FOREST -- The School Board was told the initial price for the value analysis of the middle and high school cafeteria construction project from Modus Studios and Nabholz Construction at its last meeting on Monday, March 17.

The board was told the initial price would be more than $900,000, but it would be lower than that because the initial bid is for the highest possible price and the conversations with the studio and construction company will be ongoing, said Superintendent Matt Summers at the meeting.

"They price for the top of the line on everything ... and we have just started the game," Summers said. "In other words, they priced a Cadillac and we are trying to buy a Chevrolet."

An example of the high value pricing would be the tile for the floor. The initial analysis priced the floor tile at approximately $8.50 per square foot of tile, whereas the board is looking at another source for the floor tile that would cost closer to $4 per foot.

The board members also said that they will be approaching the City Council to see if they can get some of the permit costs waived, but they might have to buy some of the more expensive upgrades to head costs off in the future.

For instance, the initial analysis called for L.E.D. lighting, rather than the traditional fluorescent. The school may stick with the L.E.D. suggestion because it is a more environmentally conscious choice and they may be required to use it in the future anyway, Summers said.

The board later approved a contract for the construction manager for the project for a $5,000 pre-construction fee plus 6 percent for the said manager.

The board was informed that newly-purchased property on the corner of Tulip and Arch streets will be closed by Kings River Title Company on March 24.

The School Board then approved the purchase of two used school buses. The buses are being sold by American Bus Sales and Master Transportation are models from 2009 and 2007 and priced at approximately $61,900 and $42,500, respectively. The school will be billed in July of this year and the money will have to come from next year's budget.

Later in the meeting, the board heard the first reading for a line of policies for the school. The board will have two more readings before they can either approve, decline or amend the policies. An example of one of the many policies they may possible change is the restrictions of the family medical leave policy.

With the proposed new policy an employee of the school district is not allowed to work a second job if on medical leave. There are multiple reasons to be on medical leave, though; if someone is on leave for their own medical reasons, then they shouldn't be working somewhere else, Summers said. But you can also leave to take care of a family member, and if they are doing that and working a part-time job to offset the loss of income then why should they be punished, he continued.

The changes will be discussed at the following two meetings before any action of the board is required.

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