Open carry walk changes location to Highway 62

Friday, March 21, 2014 ~ Updated 10:20 AM

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Leaders of the Act 746 open-carry advocate group have told police that they decided to change the location of their walk.

The group now plans to walk along U.S. Highway 62 in the city, instead of in the downtown area, and if they do go downtown they will conceal their weaponry, Police Chief Earl Hyatt said this week. He also said that this change was volunteered by the group and the City Council did not request this or anything else from them.

The last actions of the City Council were at an emergency meeting on Thursday, March 13, where they discussed the options to prohibit the planned open carry walk scheduled for March 29. The council ultimately decided that it is up to the individual residents and business owners to permit or prohibit persons "packing heat" to enter their property.

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