PK CPA offers personal approach to doing taxes

Friday, March 7, 2014
David Killingsworth

BERRYVILLE -- Tax time is near, and David Killingsworth of Porterfield Killingsworth CPA in Berryville said the best approach to doing them is keeping good records all year long.

Porterfield Killingsworth has a variety of clients, including businesses, individuals and government entities. When it comes to doing taxes, Killingsworth advises his clients to keep them in mind year-round, not just when that April 15 deadline starts looming.

"Taxes are something you have to think about all year long," he said, adding that he starts having tax-related meetings with some of his clients for planning purposes in the fall. "If something's going to be deductible, they need to keep up with it. ... The small things add up."

He added that sometimes having smaller deductions can add up to less money paid in taxes or a bigger refund than holding out and trying to find one big deduction.

For Killingsworth, preparing taxes is all about the personal approach. He said the people he interacts with are the best part of his job.

"That's what I like about this time of year," he explained. "I have 10 or 15 meetings a week; I enjoy sitting, talking with them and finding out how their year went, and then helping them make progress with where they want to go."

The people are what make Carroll County home for Killingsworth and his family as well. From 1987 to 1990, he was a partner in Hudson, Killingsworth and Company, also in Berryville and a predecessor to Porterfield Killingsworth.

"We moved here in 1984," Killingsworth, a Myami, Okla., native and a graduate of Oklahoma State University said.

He added that they originally moved to the county for him to be a pastor at Boyd Church in Oak Grove. Killingsworth currently serves as senior pastor of Forerunner House of Prayer in Green Forest.

After disbanding Hudson, Killingsworth and Company, he and his wife, Rhonda, moved to Tulsa for a couple of years, and then faced the decision of where to raise their family.

It was the people that drew the Killingsworths back to Carroll County in 1992.

"You come here the first time for the scenery," he said of Northwest Arkansas. "You come here the second time for the people -- some of the greatest friends we've ever had are here. The people here are just the kind of people we wanted to raise our kids around."

The Killingsworths now have four children and six grandchildren.

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