Reece withdraws from race; ballot order decided for county's elections

Friday, March 7, 2014 ~ Updated 9:58 AM
David Bell / Carroll County News

Quorum Court District 1 Justice of the Peace candidate Charles Olson shows his "No. 1" as ballot positions were selected at the Carroll County Election Commission meeting on Thursday. Candidates present had the option of drawing their own positions if they wished. Otherwise, positions were drawn by members of the commission at the county clerk's office.

BERRYVILLE -- Green Forest Mayor Charles Reece has withdrawn from the race for county judge, leaving Democratic incumbent Sam Barr running unopposed.

"It is something I had dwelt on quite a bit, and I had no doubt that I could win," Reece said about withdrawing. "I had a couple personal things to take care of first, and when I started looking at what we had going on over here in Green Forest, I realized had a lot of irons in the fire that I can not turn my back on."

Reece continued to say he most likely will run for county judge in two years and that his campaign email is still active for any who wish to write him. He will release a more detailed statement at the next Green Forest City Council meeting.

Meanwhile, the Carroll County Election Commission has finished reviewing the political practice pledges for the candidates and are discussing options for implementing grant funds to improve the equipment used in elections.

The commission also conducted a ballot draw to determine the order in which the names will appear on the ballot for the November elections.

It is important to note that no candidates have filed for the constable position for Packard Springs. The current constable, Thomas Freehling, will remain in his position until someone else is appointed. Election Coordinator Joanna Schuster is trying to reach the legal department of the secretary of state to figure out who will do the appointing and any other protocol needed to know for this situation.

Their results from the ballot draw for county positions are as follows:

Circuit Judge (non-partisan)

1. Scott Jackson

2. Gerald Crow


JoAnn Harris, Democrat

Circuit Clerk

1. Betty Neal, Republican

2. Ramona Wilson, Democrat


Jim Capps, Democrat

County Clerk

Jamie Correia, Democrat

County Judge

Sam Barr, Democrat


1. Jack Gentry Jr., Republican

2. Sheriff Bob Grudek, Republican

3. Randy P. Mayfield, Democrat

Tax Collector

Kay Phillips, Democrat


Cindy Collins, Democrat


Beaver: Robert Clave, Democrat

Cabanal: Ralph Brown, Democrat

Carrollton: 1. Russell W. Colbert Sr., Independent

2. Merlin Leach, Democrat

3. Ed Mikesell, Republican

Cedar: Jim Butler, Republican

Coin: Jerod Newberry, Democrat

Dry Fork: Mike Mesell, Independent

Hickory: R. Niles Rains, Republican

Omega: Shannon B. Hill, Democrat

Osage: 1. Walter Followill, Republican

2. Bobby Jack Graves, Democrat

Piney: Robert Wintercorn, Democrat

Polo: Clyde O. Thomas, Republican

Prairie: Robert 'Butch' Hanby, Democrat

Winona: Rocky Whitely, Republican

Yokum: Randall Dickinson, Democrat

Justices of the Peace

District 1: Jack Deaton, Independent

District 2: 1. Charles G. Olson, Republican

2. Sheri Hanson, Democrat

District 3: David Mitchell, Democrat

District 4: 1. Ron Flake, Republican

2. Marty Johnson, Independent

District 5: Matt Phillips, Republican

District 6: Joe Lee Mills, Republican

District 7: 1. Andrew J. Wilhelm. Republican

2. Kevin Doss, Democrat

District 8: 1. Mike Miller, Democrat

2. Donald W. McNeely, Republican

District 9: Roger Hall, Republican

District 10: Larry Swofford, Democrat

District 11: John Howerton, Democrat

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