Three fires hit Green Forest

Friday, February 21, 2014 ~ Updated 1:24 PM
David Bell / Carroll County News

Green Forest firefighters watch over the smoldering remains of a mobile home totally destroyed by fire Wednesday night. Firefighters were not able to save the home at 192 CR 6131, owned by Eduardo Chavez Ramires, who was in the process of moving back after working away from the area for a time. Many of the personal items he had moved in were burnt up.

GREEN FOREST -- It has been a busy week for the fire department with three different structure fires, one of which happened minutes after a burn ban was declared countywide.

The first of the three was reported around 11:40 a.m. on Tuesday. Firefighters were dispatched to a residence on County Road 311, where someone had started a fire to burn some trash and it spread to a storage shed, said Fire Chief Tim Howard.

He continued to say that the 8-foot by 10-foot shed was mostly burnt down by the time the owners reported the fire, and no one was injured.

The second fire happened on Wednesday, around 6:20 p.m. on County Road 6131. This structure fire destroyed a trailer home. No one was injured, nor was anyone home at the time of the fire. Neighbors had spotted the fire and reported it to the authorities. By the time firefighters arrived on scene, the home was totally involved with fire, Howard said.

"Involved" is a term used by firefighters that means fire, heat and smoke in a structure are so widespread that internal access must wait until fire streams can be applied.

The third fire was on Thursday morning, about 12 hours after the previous one. This structure was a wood frame house on County Road 9582 and totally involved by the time firefighters arrived. They were dispatched to the inferno at roughly 7 a.m. and did not make it back to the station until around 11 a.m. As they left, the investigators from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office were working the scene, Howard said.

Like the last fire, no was injured or home during the time of the blaze, which completely destroyed that residence as well.

The Sheriff's Office did not investigate the other two fires. There is no evidence linking the fires together, and it appears to be coincidence that each fire happened so closely, in terms of time. The origins and causes of the last two fires are still unknown.

The CCSO investigators have found no signs of foul play and have ceased their investigation on the third fire, said Sheriff Bob Grudek. He added that the investigation would only resume if the fire department issued any reports that indicate criminal activity.

In other news, the Green Forest Fire Department received its new fire truck on Tuesday. The firefighters were not able to use the new truck for any of the three aforementioned fires, because it is a city truck. City trucks are normally used for calls within the city limits and the three recent fires were rural, so the department used the rural fire trucks, Howard said.

The City Council approved the bid for a fully-equipped fire truck for more than $362,000 in September. The bid was from Fire Master from Springdale, and its close location will provide easier access to repairs, said Mayor Charles Reece.

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