Author highlights values of friendship, kindness and love in her first book

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BERRYVILLE -- Inspired by a classroom activity she once did with her students while she was still an active teaching paraprofessional, author Wanda L. Warren finally realized a lifetime dream of publishing her very own book.

For her debut story, she tells the story of a girl who never thought that she could receive a gift from a new found friend.

"New Places New Friends" follows the story of the Simms family who just moved to a small town with their young daughter, Kelly. After a month in their new place, Kelly finally becomes acquainted with a girl of her own age named Patti and Patti's Collie, Princess. The two girls became very good friends and to Kelly's surprise, Patti and her family gave her a gift she never thought would be possible for her to have.

Warren believes that there is a friend for anyone who is willing to keep their hearts open to love and friendship. In this book, she shares an engaging story of friendship found in a new place, the kind that transcends status and past experiences in life.

A tale for the little ones, Kelly and Patti's story of friendship will make young readers value the bond that connects them to their very own friends at home and in school.

Warren's aim to inculcate good values to young minds is promoted by her book's focus on the importance of positivity, determination, kindness and hope from an accessible, insightful story. "New Places New Friends" is a colorful and engaging story of true, pure friendship.

Warren is a retired kindergarten and third grade paraprofessional. In one first grade class, she gave her students the assignment to write and illustrate a book with their choice of topic. She also completed the assignment with illustrated cover and title.

The title to the story was "New Places New Friends," After retiring, she purposed to publish the story as a children's book. She is now working on her second book, to be published soon.

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