CBWD approves bid for fluoride facilities

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EUREKA SPRINGS -- The Carroll-Boone Water District board approved a contract for construction of fluoride-dispensing facilities at the east and west treatment plants on Thursday, awarding the bid to L.E. Davis Construction of Harrison.

The bid award had been tabled in December when it was learned that Davis' bid, the lowest of seven received, at $894,000, exceeded Delta Dental's grant of $765,000. President Brad Hammond of the McGoodwin, Williams & Yates engineering firm said they would approach Delta Dental for an increase in the grant.

He reported Thursday that approval of an additional $268,822 had been granted.

"This amount includes a small contingency for change orders," he said. It also includes engineering fees.

The bid designates $429,000 for construction of two buildings, one each at the east and west treatment plants; $275,000 for fluoride feed equipment; $120,000 for site improvements and connections; $10,000 for a trench and excavation safety system; and $60,000 for two fluoride analyzers, which will monitor the amount of residual fluoride in the water.

This last item will not be funded by Delta Dental, Hammond said, making the construction cost $834,000. The district will pick up the $60,000 tab as an additional safety measure. Hammond explained the analyzers give information, a "double confirmation of fluoride concentrations," he said.

The facilities being built are for the powdered form of fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate.

He said the analyzers are not required by any agency, but they are safety protocols.

"We have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements," he said. "Safety precautions for the workers was of prime importance."

Construction is expected to be complete by October.

In other business, the board:

* Approved a motion to stay with the Stephens, Inc. financial group as bond underwriters for the parallel transmission line project, after hearing Request for Qualifications presentations from Stephens, Crews & Associates and Raymond James.

Board members and MWY said it was a tough decision, as all three were very qualified and all have access to the same financing sources.

The water district has worked with Stephens before, and they are more familiar with the district, which was the deciding factor for him, said Chairman James Yates. If a satisfactory contract with Stephens cannot be reached, the district will approach Crews.

* Approved a motion to accept the 2013 audit report after the report was reissued due to a printing error.

* Approved the latest financial report, which is favorable with the budget, said Office Manager Cathy Klein.

* Approved a motion to grant $5,000 to the non-profit Beaver Watershed Alliance after hearing a presentation by Director John Pennington. This will be the third year the district has helped fund the organization's efforts toward the water quality of Beaver Lake.

* Discussed putting wholesale water rate increase discussions on an annual schedule. "Our policy is not to make money off the cities, but to recoup our expenses," Yates said, adding the district needs to look at all its needs, not just new infrastructure expenses.

* Heard Hammond update the board about the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department widening U.S. Highway 62 around Green Forest and the need to reroute 3,000 feet of waterline.

He suggested making a parallel line away from the right-of-way and making it larger diameter than the existing line. A consultant will need to be hired on how to do this.

The board scheduled its next meeting for April 17.

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