Weekend thefts in Berryville

Monday, January 20, 2014 ~ Updated 4:36 PM

BERRYVILLE -- The city police are investigating a string of robberies that happened over the weekend.

The investigation is ongoing and the police are still looking for suspects, so not many details could be released.

At least three vehicles and a storage shed have been broken into and stolen from; there could be more. It is possible that not all the victims are aware they have been stolen from or that they have not all reported the theft yet, said Detective Robert Bartos from the Berryville Police Department.

The thefts happened around the areas of Church, Phillips and McKennon streets, Bartos said. The thief had forced his or her way into some of the vehicles and doors, but other victims left their property unlocked or maybe just cracked a window, which allowed easy access.

If anyone sees any unusual or suspicious activity around the area or notices anything missing, call the Berryville Police Department at 870-423-3343.

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