Another winter storm hits Carroll County

Sunday, January 5, 2014 ~ Updated 4:39 PM

CARROLL COUNTY -- The year is coming in like a lion, after a storm brought three to five inches of ice and snow to the area yesterday and today.

That snowfall is being followed up by frigid temperatures and dangerous winds, causing the wind chills to fall somewhere between 10 and 20 below zero.

Officials from city, county and state road crews have given CCN the following updates, as of 3:30 this afternoon.

Johnny Baldwin, Berryville Department of Public Works:

We were out this morning with the plows but we just pulled off and got around the schools and hospitals. When we are plowing, it is just packing it down and glazing over and making it more slick, so we are waiting and putting chat -- a combination of salt and limestone -- down at the main intersections.

He advised people to take it slow and said it is not too bad, but it would be better to stay off of it [the roads].

Buddy Fry, Green Forest Department of Public Works:

Well, we are doing the best we can. We are getting most of the streets clear, but I don't think we will be very successful getting everything off today because of temperatures. If you don't have to get out, I wouldn't.

Mike Armstrong, Eureka Springs Department of Public Works:

Most of the side streets are still pretty bad. The main roads are getting better. Highway 62 is looking good. The beet juice seems to be helping. The layer of ice under the snow is making it hard as usual.

Benton Street is closed. Planer Hill is still slick.

Bob Clave, Holiday Island assistant fire chief:

Some roads have three or four inches of snow, and others, where the road was bladed or the snow has been packed down, are turning to ice.

He said the main roads in Holiday Island had been bladed, but some had ice on them. He said snow was packed down on Hwy. 23 North, but people were driving on it, and there appeared to be activity at the shopping center.

He also said there had been a couple of emergency calls, but they were not weather-related.

At 9:45 a.m., HISID posted the following alert: "All roads are snow covered; with the low temp. they will remain that way for a while. Do not go out unless absolutely necessary. The temp and wind chill will be a hazard in itself."

County Judge Sam Barr:

The roads are pretty slick. We have got some vehicles out there trying to blade it and chip away at it. They are doing alright now.

I would advise people to stay home if they can. If their vehicle was to stop or get stuck, they could very well freeze to death before someone got there to help them. It is very dangerous; please stay in.

Steve Lawrence, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department:

I think we are doing well for the conditions. From what I understand for Madison and Carroll counties, this came with a fair amount of sleet on the front end of it, like the other storm. But we didn't get as much this time.

We have everything shaved down on our main routes, but there is still a pretty thin layer of ice on the roads. We are putting abrasive materials on problem areas, and we are going to continue to work, though there is not a lot we can do, especially on our secondary routes. We are just going to have to babysit it until we can get some warmer temperatures.

The latest map from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department lists patches of ice on U.S. Highway 23 and snow on U.S. highways 62 and 412.

Road conditions for major highways listed online by the Arkansas Highways and Transportation Department showed that as of 3:30 p.m., Hwy. 62 from Rogers to Eureka Springs was only 25 percent cleared and traffic was slow. From Eureka Springs to Harrison, it was 5 percent cleared.

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