Hillbilly 223 featured on television show

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Boyd Lemons was featured on the cover of Currents magazine earlier this year. (Photo by David Bell)

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Local company Hillbilly 223 will be a featured segment Wednesday, Dec. 11 on the "Shooting USA" television show, which airs every Wednesday on the Outdoor Channel.

Hillbilly 223 is a custom firearms finishing company owned by Boyd and Valerie Lemons. In addition to being licensed to repair, refurbish and sell firearms, the company's main business is painting artwork on knives, tomahawks, pistols, revolvers, shotguns and also on non-firearm accessories such as cell phone cases, game controllers and other items.

"Anything they want paint on, I'll paint," said Lemons.

He has a number of designs he uses, such as camo in many different colors, but he is always coming up with new designs and color combinations, including pink, "a big seller with the ladies."

Two major firearms magazines contacted Hillbilly 223 for stories, and he has had his work at the major gun show, Shot Show.

Lemons said he was scheduled for "Shooting USA" after he painted a firearm, holster and iPhone case for the show's host, Jim Scoutten, and his son, John, who features various firearm-related products on the show.

"We painted it as a promotion so they would look at our product and see if they would be interested in putting it on the show," Lemons said.

They were.

"You may remember the Remington 700 Action John built-up using a Bergara barrel and McRee Precision stock, topped off with a Bushnell Tactical optic," the show's hosts say on their website. "The accuracy was great, but the rifle didn't look like the tack-driver it had become. That was until Boyd Lemons at Hillbilly223 added a highly detailed reptile camo finish. Boyd and crew specialize in custom Cerakote and DuraCoat finishes that are highly durable."

The show will air on the Outdoor Channel at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night.

More information about the show can be found at www.outdoorchannel.com or www.shootingusa.com.

For more information on Hillbilly 223, visit www.hillbilly223.com or call Boyd at 479-981-6031.

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