Alpena salutes local veterans with ceremony

Friday, November 29, 2013

ALPENA -- The 2013 Tribute to Veterans at Alpena School was a great success.

The program began with a call to order and the colors presented by the Color Guard detail from Forsyth High School ROTC. This is their 10th year to join Alpena in the tribute to veterans.

One of the students stated that, "It is their tradition to be part of our tradition."

The high school choir also performed the National Anthem at the Tribute to Veterans.

Students Justin Graves, Allizabeth McCoy, Makala Martinez, Jerilynn Lane, and Allison McCoy hosted the tribute and, along with Mrs. Martin, presented several tributes to veterans. The students, in a most unusual tag team fashion, presented a poem written by a veteran in honor of all who served.

Former and current Alpena students Cody Brown, Austin Turney, Mandy Lee and Alex McAlister presented essays on their inspiration for military service. Veterans were then presented the traditional flag pins by students who were related to the veterans and the sixth grade class.

The program concluded with the playing of taps by Alpena student Hannah Ashlock and the retirement of the colors.

After the program, veterans were invited to a reception. The program and the students were given great credit for a presentation, fitting for all and a sincere tribute to veterans.

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