Louisiana EPA awards Eureka high school science students a major grant

Thursday, November 28, 2013

EUREKA SPRINGS -- Eureka Springs High School chemistry and physics classes have been awarded a prestigious grant, teacher Katy Turnbaugh said.

Only two high schools, three universities (Baylor is one) and one education resource in a six-state region received the grant, she said. The grant amount was for $4,900.

The two Eureka high school classes will be conducting original research to design and construct a bench-scale micro fodder system, Turnbaugh said.

"The purpose of the system is to provide farmers with a means to supplement their poultry and livestock during winter or drought. Fodder is a highly nutritious (think sprouts) feed that minimizes the need for hydrocarbon fuel and protects the watershed from water pollution while minimizing the amount of water consumed in the process."

Turnbaugh said she was "proud of the award, and the students are very excited."

She said they are trying to raise funds to present at a symposium in Shreveport, La., in February.

"If you could ask your readers, if they have a fundraising opportunity, I would greatly appreciate it," she said. "All 40 students will be deeply involved in the project and have input into the presentation."

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