Two people killed in Berryville fire

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 ~ Updated 8:20 AM

BERRYVILLE -- Early Saturday morning, a fire on Springfield Street killed two people, believed to be Mitchell and Genie Faught.

Bonnie Ray, the Faughts' neighbor, had family visiting from out-of-town Friday night, and they all went to bed shortly before midnight.

Her son-in-law, Joshua McMasters, heard clicking noises right after midnight and got up to see what was going on; he went outside and saw the Faught home on fire, Ray told CCN.

He immediately went back in Ray's home and woke everyone up, telling his wife, Emily -- Ray's daughter -- to call 911.

Crews from the Berryville Fire Department and the Berryville Police Department were called to 1112 N. Springfield St. around 12:30 a.m., according to Detective Robert Bartos.

McMasters and his brother, Daniel, then went over to the neighbors' house to see if anyone was inside the flame-engulfed home. Just as they kicked down the door, Berryville police officers and firefighters arrived on the scene, telling them to back away.

"When they got there, the house was pretty much engulfed in flames," Bartos said.

While no one was 100 percent sure if the Faughts were inside, it seemed likely that they were, the neighbor recalled.

"We just all started praying," Ray said.

Ray and her family were evacuated from her house for a couple hours while a couple of firefighters made sure the fire didn't spread. Ray praised the fire crews for their hard work in both extinguishing the fire at the Faught home and preventing her own home from catching on fire.

"They worked really, really hard and fast," Ray said, adding the siding on her garage was melted due to the heat from the fire.

The crews also were on the scene well into Saturday morning, attempting to locate the Faughts.

"The firefighters were still there when I went out the next morning," Ray said.

She was outside around 9 a.m., when the firefighters located two bodies.

"They were taking the bodies out of the house," Ray said.

"We weren't able to make IDs on the bodies, so they were sent down to the Crime Lab [in Little Rock]," Bartos said.

Bartos said the cause of the fire is also yet to be determined, and that he was personally working on the investigation along with the Arkansas Fire Marshal's Office.

CCN will have more information on this story as it is released by authorities.

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